Tarmeko LPD is a company, which values the surrounding environment. To protect the nature and to reduce the pollution from production, Tarmeko has taken into use many measures and acts based on the principles of sustainable management. Tarmeko LPD also values children's safety and health. That is why the company wishes to find new innovative finishing materials, which are safe and do not harm the child's health.

Tarmeko LPD uses child-friendly lacquers and stains. This way the Tarmeko Kids® products are safe for the child to use. In addition, Tarmeko uses an innovative eco glue.
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Tarmeko is one of the first companies, that has started using eco glue LignuPro™ Zero Adhesive 201. The glue is used for children furniture products. Zero glue is a step forward to meet the future demands on zero formaldehyde content. Formaldehyde is a colourless gas with a strong smell, which is used in the production of construction and finishing materials, but also in furniture production.  The content of free formaldehyde is below 0,1%. Remarkable is also the fact that Zero passed the ISO16000-9 testing with A+.

In addition to innovative eco glues, Tarmeko uses many measures to avoid pollution. To do so, the company has acquired the best available technology, which allows Tarmeko to produce less waste but use them as by-products. Tarmeko follows the BAT regulations, which are in accordance with the EU Directive 2010/75/EU. BAT is the most effective technology, machinery or organisational measure. The implementation of BAT is nowadays reasonable economically and gives the product desired quality at a specific activity to protect the environment.

In addition to technology, Tarmeko values quality raw materials and environmental sustainability. Tarmeko gets all the raw materials from environmentally friendly sources and the products carry the FSC®label. To find more about FSC, visit the official web page, but the most important aspects are: "The Chain of Custody certificate is meant for companies, which produce, process or mediate forest products that are marketed with the FSC label. Only the company with the Chain of Custody certificate is allowed to label their products or to resell them as certified material."