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Tarmeko companies have been processing wood and producing high-quality furniture since 1947.

High-quality furniture design and production have always been an important goal for Tarmeko. Modern and innovative production technology and over 75 years of experience give Tarmeko a competitive advantage. This allows the company to work with complicated and labour-intensive projects. In doing so it is important to manage the client base fast and efficiently. That is why the company's main mission is to create value-added products made out of wood and other high-quality materials.

In 2022 Tarmeko got 75 years old. During these 75 years, the company has gathered a lot of experience and has established a considerable presence in the Estonian industry. Tarmeko is continuously introducing all kinds of innovations. This is one of the reasons why Tarmeko chose to do rebrand for the company. The new company image has some familiar but also new aspects, which are recognisable for our long-term customers and catch the eye of our new potential business partners and clients


Tarmeko Group

Tarmeko Group is holding the following companies:

  • Tarmeko Pehmemööbel OÜ - produces custom-made upholstery furniture. Pehmemööbel has two trademarks: CF Collection (standard products with classical design) and Carl Fredrik (luxury products). 
  • Tarmeko LPD OÜ - produces mainly bent plywood components and furniture. LPD has two main trademarks: Tarmeko Kids, which includes children furniture and Tarmeko Nordic, which includes premium design products for living rooms and offices. 
  • Tarmeko Spoon AS - produces and sells rotary cut veneer, bed slats, bed bases and plywood. During rebranding, Tarmeko Spoon got the new visual image - Tarmeko Veneer.

Tarmeko KV OÜ is engaged in real estate management and is the mother company of all of the Tarmeko Group companies. 


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Environment and its importance

The companies in the Tarmeko Group invest a lot into environmental protection and over the years many protective measures have been implemented. While choosing raw materials and surface treatment options the companies are always following the environmental sustainability principles. Tarmeko gets all the raw materials from responsible and environmentally friendly sources. 

In order to minimize pollution, Tarmeko is continuously developing the existing technology. That includes also the re-usage of waste materials occurring in the manufacturing process. In addition to the raw materials, the companies are using finishing materials and adhesives that are not harmful to one's health, giving additional quality to the products.


Tarmeko group history began in 1947 when many small private companies were forced to unite into an artel by the Soviet government. Two of these companies produced pianos, remaining two caskets, boats, furniture and all kind of wooden products (for example buttons). In 1956 these companies were combined into the furniture factory "Puit". In the following four decades the factory's name, production methods, and portfolio changed quite a lot. Tarmeko has had an important role in the 20th-century Estonian furniture and woodworking industry development.

Tarmeko AS was created in the 1990s. In 2005 the present structure was created. The chairman of the board of the mother company Tarmeko KV OÜ, Mr. Olev Nigul has worked in the company since 1961, starting as a chief engineer and working his way up to the leading position. Presently his sons Jaak and Ago Nigul are active in the management of Tarmeko Group. 

The daughter companies of Tarmeko KV OÜ are specialised in different fields: production of rotary cut veneer and plywood, bent plywood components and furniture, upholstered products, metal works, and services.

While using the best modern woodworking and furniture manufacturing technologies, Tarmeko is still valuing the traditional skills. In constant development, Tarmeko is searching for new possible ways and innovative solutions to optimise everyday processes and serve the customers more effectively.

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