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Tarmeko fairs in year 2019

Why are the fairs still important in a world, where marketing and sales rapidly develop (foremost technology and marketing tools-wise)? In the production sector (more precisely in furniture and raw material sector) fairs are still a thing: one can see the latest trends, promote latest products or services but also meet (potential) customers who are active in the same industry and with whom it is possible to develop cooperations. Direct contact with customers is still needed in this sector although technology and the endless possibilities that come with it have influenced this field as well. One can see it while walking in the fair halls and watching different stands.

Stockholm furniture fair promo, source: Stockholm Furniture fair homepage

It is the year 2019 and a few important fairs for Tarmeko have taken place. It is surely understandable that we can’t be everywhere but this year we visited our so-called home fair Stockholm furniture fair. It took place from the 4th of February until the 10th of February. Basically at the fair one can get a good overview of the latest Scandinavian design trends. But more precisely, what is the fair about? The organizers have put it very accurately and informatively on the official webpage: „For Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the Scandinavian design stands for values such as sustainability, accessibility, innovation and equality. We view Scandinavian design to be a style, an attitude, and an approach to our surroundings, environment and design processes.“ More info about the fair, what events took place there etc can be found here:

This year we did not have our own stand but it is true: one could see innovative new products/service solutions in Scandinavian design. A fair is an annual event but Interzum fair in Cologne takes place every two years. For the sixth time, Tarmeko decided to participate and we are glad we did. Why this fair? Again the fair organizers have described the benefits of the fair nicely. One can shape and experience the future while participating at the fair by seeing and learning from the innovative new products/solutions that are presented there and are important for the subcontracting sector in particular. Moreover, it is possible to see future trends in the subcontracting market. Not to mention most of the industry's specialists and company representatives will be there so it is worth going there! More info about Interzum fair can be found here:

Tarmeko stand at the Interzum 2019 fair, source: Tarmeko gallery

Although the fair needs a lot of work and preparation, there is more! Tarmeko LPD participated for the first time at the South-Korean Contemporary Design fair, which was organized by EU Gateway Business Avenues. The event took place 28.05-01.06 and companies all over Europe, who were invited, had the chance to meet local business representatives in the furniture sector, get to know the latest trends and of course present new products/services. More info out the fair can be found here.

Tarmeko LPD stand at the South-Korean Contemporary Design fair, source: Tarmeko gallery

All of the fairs have their similar aspects but most of all the biggest difference is that they are meant for different product categories, markets or segments. The target markets or segments can vary so much, which is why the more info you have on the market, the better. Now that the two fairs are over, things can get back to normal.