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One picture says more than 1000 words a.k.a Tarmeko references of latest works

We have mentioned many times before that Tarmeko has had many great opportunities to work together with a lot of different companies and organizations in Estonia but also abroad. This year our products are in a Tartu and Tallinn restaurant, Estonia's National Museum but also in a Finnish restaurant. We are very proud of the accomplishments and why not share the joy and results with you?

To make pictures of all our works would be quite difficult. If we get the chance we try to capture our product when they are presented in a restaurant, meeting hall, school, etc. We could wish for a lot but without professional photographers, we could not do anything. Great thanks to Keit Kangro, Renee Altrov, and our customer Tapartia, who made the pictures we can happily present today. 

Estonia's National Museum (ERM)

ERM is the national museum of Estonia. More info can be found about the museum here: We had the opportunity to work together with the museum. The museum ordered our Mario chairs. The chair belongs under the Tarmeko Nordic trademark and has been in our selection for years, however, we just updated the look for the occasion. The idea came from the customer: into the chair seat, we cut the ERM official logo. Also, the customer wished to combine the black seat with a black metal frame. The overall impression: it looked great! In addition, the chair is a practical choice since it is light and easily stackable. The combination of the given aspects makes the chair a must-have product for conference rooms, assembly hall, meeting room or for homes if a centrepiece is needed.

Mario chairs in ERM(1). Black stain bent plywood seat + black metal frame. Author: Keit Kangro
Mario chairs in ERM (2)

Mario chairs in ERM (3)

Forrest, Põhjala, Knitter

Aren't they great? In Tarmeko Nordic collection are other design chairs that are perfect for public use. From here we can smoothly move on to our next great products and customers. RayBoy is one of our newest products and it is designed by Elmet Treier, whom we have mentioned before. RayBoy is the smaller brother of Ray: there are many similar elements like the curved details and black metal frame. Still, RayBoy's seat height is lower, meant to use mainly as a dining chair (for example in restaurants). The chair design is light and effective. The wood and metal combination fits nicely to the nowadays restaurant interior, which is created in a modern twist. Recently we delivered a bigger amount of RayBoy chairs to a Tartu restaurant Forrest. More info here: .

RayBoy chairs at Forrest (1). Bent plywood, oak top veneer and light wax + black metal frame chairs. Author: Keit Kangro

RayBoy chairs at Forrest (2)

RayBoy chairs at Forrest (3)

RayBoy chairs at Forrest (4)

It seems so that the metal frame and wood combination is quite popular! Still, there are those who prefer just natural wood. Together with the Ray collection, we have also popular products like TP2, NO37 chairs and the Milonga collection. As mentioned before: we sell our products abroad as well. In Espoo, there is a restaurant called Knitter (more info here:, in which interior one can find the products mentioned: NO37, TP2 and Milonga. More info about the products can be found here:,Tarmeko%20Nordic.

Pictures of the restaurant are given below.

NO37, TP2 chairs and Milonga tables in the Knitter restaurant in Espoo(1). Author: Tapartia OY

NO37, TP2 chairs and Milonga tables in the Knitter restaurant in Espoo (2)

TP2 chairs are also popular here in Estonia. Just recently we sent a bigger quantity to a Tallinn beer restaurant - Põhjala Tap Room. In Estonia, Põhjala is quite famous, but more info can be found here: If possible, make sure to visit Põhjala, Forrest or Knitter!

TP2 chairs with oak top veneer and wax + birch plywood black and grey stain chairs at the Põhjala restaurant. Author: Renee Altrov