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culture@work - Orgatec 2018 in Cologne

Visionary concepts for a new work culture - this is what the fair Orgatec promises for this year. What is Orgatec? What can you see there? This and more will be explained here and now below.

To put it simply: Tarmeko is exhibiting at a furniture fair and it is going to be amazing! More detailed info is nicely put together by the official Orgatec website: "Through its various themes, ORGATEC 2018 will shed light on the interplay between working environments and work culture – and showcase forward-thinking ideas for new workplace design". Some of the themes include ideas for public spaces and office layouts, promoting intelligently designed office and work environment furniture and so on.  The fair takes place in Cologne, Germany during the timeframe 23.-27.10.2018. You must come! We are at hall 10.1, stand F-031.
Chair NO37, source: Tarmeko gallery

At the fair, we plan to present our latest furniture models in the office and children furniture section. For example chairs NO37 and RayBoy, swing seat Tuular, our children furniture collection for ground schools, etc. We would not want to spoil the surprise but what can we say today about the products? NO37 is perhaps the most known of the newest models. It is surely a modern chair, with an elegant edge to it. The curved back is an eye-catcher! Carsten Buhl, the chairs' designer, knows his stuff, of that we are sure.

RayBoy is the younger brother of bar stool Ray. Its design is similar: curved plywood elements and a metal frame. In addition, it is light and elegant addition to the home, office or other public environments. Tuular is a swing seat that would spice up every office, not to mention the aspect of interior design cherry on top! These products form a brilliant collection.  All the credit goes to the talented designer Elmet Treier.

Swing seat Tuular, source: Elmet Treier gallery

Tarmeko Pehmemööbel's furniture is also represented at the fair. The sofa and armchair Curve with elegant fabrics will be added to our products to form a whole. By the way, the fabrics represent the latest trends in the sector. And now the rest we will keep a secret, for now... What else can we say about the fair? Perhaps some facts:

1) Orgatec is the leading international trade fair in the work environment.
2) Tarmeko's stand and products fit under the "Furnishing for Office and Facilities" category. 
3) This year the fair will present innovative ideas while being a perfect place for producers and resellers to meet the best designers, architects and other leading specialists.

A fact is also this: the whole week will be full of events and we are very excited. Come and visit us! If, for some reason, you can't come, don't worry: a blog post about the fair will come after the fair. During the fair, we will share newsfeed and pictures via Instagram and Twitter. In case you have any questions regarding our products, we will gladly help!  Inquiries can be sent to us via email 

Cover photo: RayBoy and bar stool Ray, source: Elmet Treier gallery